UPS online HL-3K/2700w

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UPS MODEL    HL-3K PHASESingle phase with groundCapacity (VA/Watts)  3000VA/2700WIn put Normal Voltage100VAC – 300VACFrequency Range40HZ – 70HZPower factor>= 0.99%load (Nominal Input Voltage)Bypass voltage rangeBypass high voltage point

For 200/208/220/230/240 VAC models:

230-264: setting the high voltage point in LCD from 230Vac to 264Vac (Default:264Vac)

For 100/110/115/120/127 VAC models:

115-132: setting the high voltage point in parameter 3 from 115Vac to 132Vac (Default:132Vac)

Bypass low voltage point

For 200/208/220/230/240 VAC models:

170-220: setting the low voltage point in LCD from 170Vac to 220Vac (Default: 170Vac)

For 100/110/115/120/127 VAC models:

95-110:  setting the low voltage point in parameter 3from 95Vac to 110Vac (Default:95Vac)

ECO rangeSame as bypassGenerator inputSupportOut Put Voltage200/208/220/230/240VAC (Output can be adjustable)Frequency AC mode in sync with AC(45-55)HZ battery mode(50/60HZ)Power factor0.9Voltage regulation±2%(Batt. Mode)OutPut waveformPure sine waveCrest factor3ꓽ1Harmonic distortionlinear load<= 3% non-linear<= 6%Transfer timeZero second transfer Overload capacity105%-110%:battery mode 10mins shutdown, AC mode 10mins transfer to bypass mode

110%-130%:battery mode 1mins shutdown, AC mode 1mins transfer to bypass mode

>130%:battery mode 3seconds shutdown, AC mode 1second transfer to bypass modeEfficiency AC mode  >90%Battery mode  >88%Battery Battery Type    12V7.2AH Numbers    6 Backup timeLong run unit depends on the capacity of external batteriesTypical recharge time4 hours recover to 90% capacity (Typical)Rated voltage    72VDC Charging voltage    82.1VDC Charging Current    1A Temperature0 ᵒC- 40ᵒCHumidity0 – 90%(Non-condensate)Noise<50dbAltitude<1500mPHYSICAL Dimensions W190*H328*D397mmNet weight(Kg)    22 Safety standardIEC/EN62040-1, IEC/EN60950-1EMCIEC/EN62040-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8

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