UPS online HL-3C15K/12000w

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UPS MODEL    HL-3C15KS Rated capacity  15KVA/12KW INPUT Wire method three phase earth groundRated voltage 380VACNormal Voltage120VAC – 275VAC ±5Rated Freq50HZFrequency Range(45- 55)HZ±0.5HZBypass range187VAC-264VACBAT Battery Type    depends on

the capacity

of external

batteries Numbers16Backup timeLong run unit depends on the capacity of external batteriesTypical recharge time8 hours recover to 90% capacity (Typical)Rated voltage192VDCCharing voltage219VDCCharing Current    12A AC OUTPUT Output systemSingle phrase & earth ground OutPut voltage220VAC±3%Output frequency50HZ±1%Dynamic voltage transient range<5%Dynamic transient restore<60msWaveformSine ware THD<3%(linear load) Sine ware TDH<8%(nonlinear load)Input power factor0.8Overload capability105%-125% 30s to BypassCommunicationsRS232(turn to 485), Intelligelt slotPhysical Dimensions W248*H500*D616Weight(kg)    35 Environmental Ambient temperature­10ᵒC – +40ᵒCAltiudeLower than 1000m: no derating Over 1000m: 1% derating for every 100m riseStorage temperature­15ᵒC – + 45ᵒC

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